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Love Hugs? Get A Big One From Your Canine Friend

You love your dog. Perhaps even more importantly, your dog loves you! That’s why it breaks your heart sometimes to leave your beloved canine in the hands of someone else when you have to go away. It’s not fun to leave the care of your animal to others. Fortunately, you have a solution at Citizen Canine. Citizen Canine is an established dog hotel located near the Oakland International Airport. We provide doggie daycare and overnight boarding for the discerning pet owner. Since 2000, dogs have come to our care for fun, friends, and safety.

We take pride in having the highest dog-to-staff ratio of any doggie day care in the Bay Area. This means we are able to provide your dog with the love he or she needs while you are away. Our staff is also prepared to offer training sessions for your dog during his or her stay. Our training sessions include basic dog behaviors, dog tricks, and dog agility skills. When you return to the Bay Area, we also offer coaching sessions with you and your dog. You will you acquire the skills needed to reinforce the positive behaviors learned at Citizen Canine.

We know that leaving an owner for an extended period of time can be stressful for a dog. That is why our doggie daycare is designed to reduce the anxiety of dogs. For example, dogs are separated into appropriate social groupings by size, age, and temperament to allow all dogs to be comfortable. It also maximizes their chances of finding a new doggie friend for their stay! We also offer climate controlled rooms, over 6,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor play area, and even sound proof walls for when your dog needs some much needed rest.

The answer is clear. If you want your dog to give you a big hug, let him stay at Citizen Canine. Come schedule a visit to enroll today!