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Meet Our Fantastic Citizen Canine Team

Protective pet owners across the area seek daycare options for their pup and reliable dog boarding in Emeryville. Visiting the facility and asking plenty of questions are both major parts of selecting the best fit for your dog; however, so is knowing the people with whom you’re dog will be spending time.

At Citizen Canine, our team consists of a number of dedicated individuals who will help to make your dog boarding in Emeryville the best experience possible. Dana Kleveland is our general manager, and she has been working with Citizen Cane since 2002. With over 10 years of experience, she serves as an excellent leader for the rest of the team.

Andrea Ayala, our customer service manager, and Olivia Campos, our assistant general manager, seek to make the entire experience as welcoming as possible. From the minute you walk in and interact with our front desk supervisor Stephanie Milani to the time your dog spends with our supervisor Kayla Mogg, you’ll feel comfortable that this is the right place for your dog.

Play time, walks and overall good habits for the dogs are a way of life at Citizen Canine, and we have a fantastic team who will help cater to your dog’s every need. Nicole Tracey, the canine operations supervisor, shows affection and excitement for the dogs in the facility. Morgan Turner, Melissa Oceguera, Maritza Munoz and Kandis Terrell are all members of our dog care staff who help to attend to your dog and make him or her comfortable and relaxed.

All of this has been possible through the work of the owner, Tina Merrill. Pursuing her passion for rescuing animals led her to the development of Citizen Canine in 2000. Nearly a decade and a half later, success has been her achievement and comfort for pets has remained the main goal. Knowing a little bit about the staff helps you make the best decision for your dog.