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Meet The Staff And Crew Of Citizen Canine!

Citizen Canine has been up and running since 2000, and with a dedicated and animal loving staff on hand, this group stands ready to love your furry friend as much as you do! Whether it’s boarding, grooming, daycare or training, one of our staff can easily meet your needs! Our staff are also certified in many areas as well including pet CPR for your dog’s safety, as well as various ongoing professional training such as reading dog body language that can be used both in assessing training needs as well as ensuring canine compatibility in play groups!

Our Staff include individuals such as Tina Merrill, who opened and founded Canine Citizens after seeing the need for a unique facility that had a personalized approach for different dogs and their needs. Many boarding and training facilities use a “one size fits all” approach, and Tina’s business takes the time to learn about her clients as well as their pets and creates a plan for success for all!

Samantha Lee is a general manager of Canine Citizens and welcomes the opportunity to serve the community! She focuses on positive reinforcement training and also works with special interest groups such as Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Randi Drake is the president of the organization and also volunteers at the East Bay SPCA in her spare time, both to assist in community outreach and to help with dogs in need of homes within the area. She strives to help create that “perfect match” between dog and adopter!

Olivia Campos is the training manager and focuses on considering the dogs’ needs while seeing to their comfort when they are boarders and guests within the facility! By creating a warm, personal environment for each dog, Olivia brings out the best in each canine during his or her stay!

These are just a few of our staff. We welcome you to visit Citizen Canine and become part of our extended family!