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Need a Great Place To Board Your Dog Over The Weekend? Try Citizen Canine In Oakland

Would you be eager to have you dog enjoying breakfast in bed, outdoor hikes, play groups, companionship and meals while you are away from your precious pup? Then you might consider Citizen Canine dog boarding in Oakland for these and other great benefits your dog will receive.

There are numerous reasons why dog owners take their dogs to daycare. Some of them are:

– Going out of town on a day trip or taking a vacation
– Having work done on the house
– New mothers
– A new puppy
– Selling a home that brings prospective buyers in and out of the house
– Socializing

Our dog boarding kennel in Oakland is focused on the needs of each animal taking into account their interaction with other dogs. Our trainers are keenly aware of body language and group the animals according to size, age, play style and activity level for the safety of all concerned.

Our aim is to provide time for enjoyable exercise without overdoing it. The group outings last about 30 minutes and this depends on the weather, activity level of the dog and other factors. In addition, we offer private play for more focused one-on-one attention with staff members dedicated to what the dog prefers to do. The ultimate goal is to ensure each dog has an enjoyable experience.

Our Adventure hikes take your dog for an outdoor exploration of the East Bay Regional Parks lasting at least 90 minutes and overseen by our specially trained staff. These hikes negotiate rolling hills, grassy meadows and lovely shady forests for more mental stimulation.

We provide a program tailored to each animal and their particular personality. We accept dogs of all ages and activity levels. Citizen Canine has the program that will answer your pets daycare needs while you relax in knowing your dog is having a great time.