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Need Help Finding A Legit Trainer For Your Dog? Check Out Citizen Canine

Our dogs truly are a part of the family. That is why it is so important to find the right day care and boarding option for your pup.

When choosing a dog daycare in Oakland it is important to first consider your pet’s personality. Some dogs are more fearful than others and might not enjoy being away from the house. But, in the right environment, most dogs thrive in a doggie day care program.

It is also necessary to consider the type of services your dog will receive while in day care. Citizen Canine offers pets a high staff-to-dog ratio, social groupings based on size and temperament, and the social, mental and physical stimulation your best friend needs to stay healthy. They even provide adventure hikes into the East Bay that break up the dogs’ day with 90 minutes of exploration and fun.

Dog owners can also rest easy knowing their dogs are in good hands at Citizen Canine. All staff members become Certified Pet Care Technicians and are certified in Pet First Aid. Most of Citizen Canine’s caregivers are dog parents themselves so they take their jobs seriously and treat all of their guests as if they were their own.
Workers will also work with the animals one-on-one to teach them basic tricks and commands such as sit, stay, roll over, and playing dead.

Finding quality dog daycare in Oakland is even more important for pet parents who might have to board their dogs overnight due to a hospital stay, work schedule, or travel. Private rooms, schedule play times, customized activities, proper nourishment, and plenty of room to run are just a few of the amenities offered by Citizen Canine during overnight stays.

Humans can learn everything they need to know about boarding their dogs or dog daycare in Oakland at The site includes information about training, boarding, day care, adventure hikes, rates, and eligibility.