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Need Help With Training Your Puppy? We Can Help

Getting a new puppy is an incredibly exciting time. Puppies enrich our lives, and studies have consistently shown that pets help us live longer, happier lives. However, puppies do not instinctively know how to be good pets, and there are some skills they will have to learn in order to be top-notch companions. Fortunately, puppies are teachable, and a bit of training will go a long way toward building a great relationship between you and your new puppy. Citizen Canine provides you and your newest family member with the training needed to start your relationship off well while helping your puppy feel comfortable at a doggie daycare boarding center.

The first step in puppy training is learning how your puppy reacts. To be effective, training programs must be individualized, and the experts at Citizen Canine take the time needed to learn how your puppy respond best. Once this has been established, it is time to move on to basic obedience training. Basic training is teaching your puppy how to sit, lay and walk with you instead of pulling on the leash. Once this has been established, more advanced skills can be learned.

One of the best ways to bond with your new puppy is to teach them tricks. Simple tricks such as shake and roll over give way to advance tricks such as leaving treats in place or waving hello. In practicing these tricks, your puppy will become bonded with you and learn to look to you for guidance. Once advanced tricks have been learned, puppies can move on to basic agility training if you want to teach your puppy how to navigate agility courses.

Is often said that dogs are man’s best friend, and the joy both humans and dogs receive from the relationship is substantial. By training your puppy and getting your relationship off to a great start, you can prepare your newest friend to enjoy spending time with you. Further, your puppy will become acquainted with Citizen Canine’s facilities so that he or she feels comfortable in our doggie daycare boarding center.