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Need some help training your dog?

Are you looking for dog training in Oakland, CA? Do you want your dog to have a fun and positive experience in a nurturing environment? If so, then look no further than Citizen Canine, the premier canine resort in the Bay Area.

Much more than just your average doggie day care and boarding center, we will treat your dog to his own spacious room, playtimes with other dogs, and walks. If you desire, your dog can get lots of extras like personalized attention, adventure hikes, and customized training sessions. These training sessions can be anything from basic training and obedience to advanced skills and agility, depending on your goals and your dogs current skill set. All dogs from puppies to seniors can get involved. Citizen Canine understands that dogs are individuals with their own personalities and needs, and strives in every way to make each dog feel welcome and special.

We feel that our service stands apart from other centers for day care and dog training in Oakland, CA, by using its unique environment for special walking sessions called Adventure Hikes. Dogs in groups of up to six get treated to a 90 minute trek in the East Bay Regional Parks, accompanied by a specially trained staff member, of course. Imagine the joy and stimulation your dog will experience, the new sights and smells, not to mention the social interaction. Dogs just love to get outside, and a romp in the park is a much more exciting escapade than your average walk. Adventure Hikes are a great addition to a regular stay at Citizen Canine or to your dog?s training sessions.

When it comes to dog training in Oakland, CA, give your dog the Citizen Canine experience and see what a difference a dog-friendly, stimulating and positive environment can make for your best friend?s confidence and well-being.