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Oakland Animal Service Starts Campaign To Place Hounds

Oakland Animal Services has started an initiative to place deserving hounds in homes with loving pet parents. The center has a goal of placing 12 dogs in adoptive families. Dogs targeted for placement have lived in the shelter for more than two months at a time.

Animal shelters bundles savings for adoptive families

Animal shelter officials have decided to offer a care package to all families. All new families will get a free collar, dog bed and leash for their pets. A coupon worth 20 percent off will also be provided courtesy of Pet Food Express.

Behind the initiative

Director Rebecca Katz has stated that the initiative was about drawing attention to wonderful dogs who would be great for families. Students from local area schools and The Hard Luck Hounds will be working together to support the initiative to Alameda residents. Research indicates that 95 percent of rescue animals are considered to be difficult to adopt out. Older pets are far more likely to remain in shelters for multiple years or more at a time.

Ongoing support for hound families

The center will be able to advise new adoptive parents on where they go for great, ongoing care for their animals. New pet owners have options available to them for dog boarding. There are numerous specialty daycare centers for people who want their beloved pets to be around other hounds while away on vacation. These dog boarding facilities offer pet parents pace of mind in that only experienced handlers used to working with hounds will be caring for their pets while away.

Those interested in adopting a pet can visit the Oakland Animals Services