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Oakland Dog Boarding

When it comes to our pets, they give us so much: love, companionship, entertainment, etc. It’s only right that we want to give back to them in the best ways possible.

What about when life takes us to places our pets can’t go? Jobs, hospitalizations and vacations can separate us from our furbabies. In all honesty, sometimes it’s just not possible to take our pets along even though we’d love to. There are options, though, such as dog daycare at Citizen Canine in Oakland.

Dog daycare provides an inviting environment for pets and peace of mind for dog owners. Some may liken it to pet hotels. The daycare employees are concierges to your precious pet. They are in charge of ensuring their client, your dog, is happy. A happy dog means a happy owner.

Fun awaits your pet as they socialize and exercise, to stimulate their minds and bodies, in a facility that takes their needs into consideration. Training, such as basic and agility, may be offered, so be sure to ask.

Are you concerned that a larger dog may not play well with your tiny furbaby? No worries! Socializing groups are coordinated according to age, pet size and how well the dogs socialize with other dogs

Having so much fun is bound to wear your doggie out. Pets are able to rest and relax in a climate-controlled environment fit for royalty.

Mealtime will consist of what the facility provides or you can bring your pet’s preference of food. Again, your pet’s needs and wants are the priority.

Vaccinations will likely be required to safeguard the pets and the employees. It’s advisable to ask about such requirements.

As you can see, while you focus on what you need to, your dog will be professionally tended to by a dog daycare in Oakland that’s a good fit for your pet… and you.