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Oakland Dog Services

Whenever work, travel or other important events clutter your schedule, you can leave your dog with the trustworthy pet care specialists at Citizen Canine. Leaving your dog in the hands of professional pet sitters can help to combat feelings of loneliness and also enables your beloved animal companion to be looked after at all times. Your dog will also have the chance to enjoy exciting activities while interacting with other dogs that are grouped together by size, age and general temperament.

Boarding Facilities

Your dog will feel right at home if you need to leave them overnight. Private indoor rooms are climate-controlled for optimal comfort. Your dog can get a good night of sleep by resting on a cozy raised bed. Noise-minimizing walls are able to block out much of the sound produced by other dogs.


Fun activities designed to enhance your dog’s physical, mental and social capabilities are part of every dog care program. Spacious play yards feature toys and swimming pools that can keep our dog entertained throughout much of the day. Adventure hikes provide other exciting opportunities. Daily schedules that have been recommended by veterinarians and behavioral specialists are followed so that your dog receives balanced time for play and rest.


If you need dog training in Alameda or Oakland, your precious pooch can learn positive habits while under the care and supervision of experienced animal trainers. Basic commands, such as how to sit and stay, are emphasized during training. Your dog can also learn tricks like spinning, rolling over and taking a bow. If you would like to increase your dog’s agility, training can also teach them how to pole weave, jump through a hoop and perform similar skills.

Whether you’re looking for dog training in Alameda or just need a place to drop off your dog for the day, Citizen Canine will welcome your pet with open arms.