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Oakland Doggie Daycare

There are many benefits to taking your beloved doggie to a doggie daycare. Not only do they get plenty of exercise, but they get the opportunity to be social with other doggies and have fun. What’s in it for the parent? Parents can feel comfortable knowing that their pets are in a safe place and enjoying themselves.

This is the type of peace of mind that Citizen Canine offers. Overnight boarding Is one of the perks they offer for individuals who may be traveling around a lot. Some of the amenities for staying overnight include your pet having his/her own room that is designed to minimize outside noise, a daily schedule of exercise, 6000 sq. ft. of play room and pools, and plenty of staff to make sure that your doggie is taken care of.

Not only is your dog able to enjoy one on one time with staff and plenty of training activities for mental stimulation. Dog daycare in Oakland offers activities that are customized to the needs of your dog’s needs. For instance, sensitive dogs who need that extra nourishment and attention get just that.

They enjoy belly rubs, ear massages, stomach rubs and they can even enjoy the T-touch massage. This massage is designed to help your dog relax when boarding at the dog daycare in Oakland. They will show your dog tricks and teach them some of the basics skills.

Not only do their training techniques help your dogs understand commands better, but it also teaches them how to demonstrate better manners around people and other dogs. Your dog gets the opportunity to work with an experienced trainer one on one, and it does not stop there.

Once you are ready to take your doggie home, Citizen Canine makes sure you get complete instructions for continued success at home. This doggie daycare truly cares for their these dogs, and it is no wonder why it is many first choice.