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Oakland Mayor’s First Act Is For The Dogs

When you look at the bay area, you can see that people love their dogs. This is especially true in Oakland where people take their dogs into bars and restaurant patios. However, the new mayor of Oakland, Libby Schaaf, has taken things further, and she is making the city even more dog friendly, which is great news for anyone who owns a pooch in this unique city.

Police canine: First and foremost, when she got into office, she honored Pet Food Express for the donation of hundreds of new bullet-proof vests to police canines. With this, a dog can now assist the police, all without getting hurt or killed in the line of duty. This is important, especially in Oakland where cops truly live a life that is on the edge.

Parks: Of course, she is taking it further, and people are going to watch as they can bring their dogs to more parks. While this is already the case in most of Oakland, it will only expand under Libby Schaaf, who has told her constituents that dog safety and dog parks are a priority. Combined with dog daycare, and you can see why Oakland is a great city for a dog owner.

More access to bags: finally, without a doubt, no matter where you live, you have probably seen an owner leave dog waste on the ground. This is annoying to everyone, and most dog owners are as outraged as the rest of us. Luckily, Libby Schaaf has, once again, taken the lead as she wants to add more bag stations around city parks and neighborhoods. Yes, while people interested in public welfare and dog daycare have, for years, put out their own bags, now Oakland is taking a step in the right direct ion by providing more options .

When looking at Libby Schaaf, you can see that she cares for and loves dogs, and this should improve the overall image of the city.