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Overnight Boarding For Your Dog At Citizen Canine

Going on a trip and being away from your canine companion is hard. You will need to make a decision concerning where to board your dog while you are traveling. If you are considering dog boarding in Alameda, Citizen Canine has much to offer.

We have provided a high-quality dog boarding and day care since 2000. If your dog is accustomed to being thoroughly pampered, your friend will feel right at home spending time at the Citizen Canine facility.

All of the dogs who stay at here are provided with their own private dog runs. All of the runs have sound-minimizing lining so that your dog will night be stressed by too much barking. Each dog is also provided a raised bed to provide comfort and to protect from drafts. All of the runs are climate controlled so that each dog feels comfortable and right at home.

Dogs will not just be kept in a run and forgotten at Citizen Canine. There are exciting things for dogs to do throughout the day. Dogs receive plenty of exercise and play opportunities on special K9 grass. Toys are provided for enrichment, and the dogs enjoy splashing in the pools and having fun on warm days.

You dog’s stay at Citizen Canine may be customized so that the stay is pleasing for your dog companion. Dogs that love to be petted and fussed over can receive a relaxing massage. Dogs who like to play all day can spend extra time in the play areas running to their hearts content. Your dog can also receive beneficial training during a boarding stay.

At Citizen Canine, all of the staff is committed to providing dog boarding in Oakland that emphasizes fun and safety for dogs. Dogs are monitored during play, and staff is in place overnight to monitor the dogs. Citizen Canine provides a boarding experience that is the next best thing to being at home.