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Overnight Boarding – Is it Right for Me?

Do you feel guilty leaving your dog at home all day while you are working? Do you worry that he or she may have an accident on the floor or get hungry during the day? Worry no more, Citizen Canine is the perfect solution for you and your pet.

If you enjoy pampering your pooch, our dog hotel located in Oakland is the perfect fit for you both. We will make sure your furry friend gets plenty of love and attention. We have services to meet the needs of every dog.

  • Adventure Hikes
  • Overnight Boarding
  • Daycare


Adventure Hikes

Adventure hikes are as much fun as they sound. If you want your dog to be taken for more than just an ordinary walk through the park, this is the package for you. Your dog will be be taken on a trip with up to five other dogs. They will be exposed to meadows, forests and hills where they will be allowed to roam and run off some energy.

Since they will be supervised by experienced individuals who are certified in pet CPR and first aid, there is no need to worry about your pet while they are away. The entire group of hikers will be required to properly behave themselves in order to participate in hikes, therefore, you wont have to worry about your pet being put in harms way.


Overnight Boarding

While going on vacation is fun and exciting, it can be tough to leave you pet behind. Before going on a trip, book a vacation for your dog as well. With our dog hotel, your pet will hardly miss you. He or she will be supplied with his or her own room. The rooms are all climate controlled, and your pet will never have to share a space with other dogs. There is also a comfy bed in each room.

While you are away, there will be no need to worry about your pooch. We feed all pets up to three times every day, including treats. This will depend on your dogs specific needs. In addition, your pet will be supplied with play equipment, and he or she will be allowed to play with other dogs.



If you are in need of a sitter for your dog during the day, bring him or her to doggy daycare. Your pup will be assigned to a playgroup with other dogs in his or her age range and with similar energy levels. You can also sign your pet up for extra activities and pampering.

Never worry about leaving your pet again. At Citizen Canine, we will treat your dog like family.