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Prepare Your Dog for “Active Dog” Meetups

If your dog’s energy levels lack a productive outlet, it may be time to research dog meetups in Alameda to keep your dog active and mentally healthy. Citizen Canine offers special outings and training to give your active dog opportunities for fitness and socialization which can also prepare her for other outings in Alameda.

Adventure Hikes

On our adventure hikes, an experienced staff member takes groups of up to six dogs to various dog-friendly parks. These hikes offer variable terrain for physical challenge and plenty of socialization. Each hike is 90 minutes long.

Staff members supervising the dogs are among our most experienced and are certified in Pet CPR and first aid. They are educated in the nuances of canine body language and communication in order to keep the packs under control and avoid conflict.

All dogs need to meet minimum eligibility requirements before taking advantage of the hikes. At a minimum, we require basic obedience skills, updated vaccinations, and good social skills.

If interested in signing up, please contact us to discuss your dog’s readiness. Current clients will be assessed for readiness based on our current knowledge of the dog but new clients need to schedule a consultation with a staff member to assess readiness.


If your dog is not yet ready for an adventure hike, please consider taking advantage of our training services so she can participate in Adventure Hikes or other dog meetups in Alameda. Our classes include basic obedience, tricks and beginning agility. This training will give her the skills necessary to make her a pleasant participant on outings and Adventures Hikes.

If you have any questions regarding your dog’s fitness and training level to participate in area opportunities, please feel free to contact us so we can determine together the best active life for your dog.