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Recall Alert! Purina Recalls ONE beyOnd Dog Food

One of the things that your dog needs is a quality dog food. There has been a recent recall pertaining to the Purina ONE Beyond brand. This dog food is a natural blend that is healthier for dogs, but there has been a problem recently with the food. As of a few days ago, Purina announced the recall. The reason for the recall is salmonella. There is only one kind of the food, chicken and barley, which has been affected by the recall. The size of the bag recalled is the three and one half pounds. There is a date on the bags of October 2014. Certain product and UPC codes can be found on the bags as well. During a run in production, one of the bags was found to contain salmonella. The bacteria was only found in the listed brand of food.

No one has reported any illnesses to the company pertaining to their dogs, but there could still be bags that have been consumed. Dogs that have salmonella can spread it to other pets as well as humans. Persons who suspect their dog might have salmonella should take the pet to a veterinarian immediately.

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