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Rockstar Helps Spread Word About Missing Dog

The love between a dog and their human goes beyond the labels of animal and owner. Dogs are a part of the family and high-quality, loving care is a priority for the parents of any fur baby. Providing a safe environment whether at home or on-location should take precedence – A local Bay Area resident had the scare of his life when his precious pup was taken from his home by a thief. Luckily, this dognapping story went viral and Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong was thoughtful enough to share it with his hundreds of thousands of fans! The family was reunited with their dog and all was well.

When considering the care of your dog, one should choose not only a safe location for dog boarding but research the staff-lead activities provided to your dog on a daily basis. What fun things will your dog participate in? Will he or she have the chance to rest and relax while receiving proper nutrition throughout the day and night? Dog boarding is an important decision to make and an easy one when you have found the right place!

Citizen Canine is the optimal choice for dog boarding in Oakland. The staff consists of a well-trained team of committed professionals (not just babysitters) that take great pride in their ever-expanding knowledge of dog culture. Every team member is trained, certified and up-to-sniff on dog body language. This strong foundation allows for the appropriate socialization, comfort and fun for all of the dogs.

Sprawling, fully-equipped play yards and adventure hikes during the day, followed by climate controlled rooms fitted with elevated dog beds create a home away from home for your beloved dog. Combined with a Vet and Behaviorist recommended program, your dog will be fulfilled throughout his or her stay while receiving the benefits of a balanced day of play and rest!