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Safety Tips For Your Pet During Bad Weather

At Citizen Canine, we understand how deeply you care about your dog. that is why we have made a list of safety tips for riding out bad weather with your pooch, poodle or hound: Too many pet owners have no idea what to do when the the sky clouds over! Here are a few ideas when it comes to bad weather preparation with your pet.

Bring Them Inside

do not leave your pet vulnerable to the elements. If it is storming, snowing or sleeting, allow them to come inside, even if it is just on a designated towel. A good rule of thumb for judging the condition outdoors: If you wouldn’t want to be outside in it, neither would your pet.

Wash Their Paws After Walks

If it is been an ugly, icy day, the ground is probably covered with salt and chemical de-icers. Some are vibrant colors and therefore easily noticeable; others sink into the ground without a trace, just waiting to paint unsuspecting paws after a walk. Make sure to wipe down your pet’s feet after they’ve been outside in the aftermath of bad weather!

Be Prepared For Emergencies

What will happen to your pet during a fire or flood? What if you find yourself hastily evacuated from your home during a natural disaster? it is important to have a plan for not just yourself and your belongings, but for your pets as well. Do you have an emergency kit with their food, collar, medication, et cetera? Do you know a kennel or boarding center where they’ll be safe while you are in a shelter?

Watch Out For Their Medical Conditions

Cold days are terrible for arthritis; diabetes and cardiovascular issues can make trudging up a snowy hill a painful exercise. Anything that affects humans will affect animals as well, so dog walkers in Oakland should be well aware of how their charges medical issues will upset them them depending on the weather.

You cannot predict changing winds and turbulent skies, but you can prepare for all the bad turns that leave your pet vulnerable. Follow these tips and protect your precious baby from all the things in nature that would do them harm.