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Sharing Love On Valentine’s with Your Furry Friend

Dogs have so much love to share all year round, so wouldn’t it be nice to give a little back during Valentine’s Day? Whether you are single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for humans. It can be a special day for your most loyal and devoted of friends: Your dog.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Dog

To commemorate the love between you and your dog, you can create a special meal for your pet, plan a special pampering event, or go all out and visit some out-of-the-way getaway. Try these ideas out, if you’re on your own or even with your significant other in tow:

  • Yummy Treats – Give the chocolates to your human love, but opt for something less poisonous for your pet. You can buy special doggie treats or bake your own. Celebrate the holiday by shaping them into hearts. Another way to make your dog feel special is to prepare a gourmet meal. If they never get turkey or steak, now’s the time to show how much you love them.
  • Special Events – You might schedule a romantic dinner with your date and a long outing, but what about your dog? Instead of leaving them at home, you can check out places that do dog boarding in Oakland that provide special dog pampering services. They will do doggie massages, play time, and cuddles. Who knows your dog might even get struck by cupid’s arrow on a doggie hike when you opt to do dog boarding in Oakland.
  • Get Away – If you plan to go far away, you can take the dog with you, too, or provide them with dog boarding in Oakland. Plan a trip to the beach, a mountain cabin, or camping. Your dog can provide extra cuddles and kisses on the road or when you get back from your special day.