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Should I Have Dog DNA Testing Done For My Pup?

Health Concerns

Many dog owners have an interest in DNA testing for their pets as a preventative health measure. At Citizen Canine in Oakland, Ca., we understand our client’s concerns concerning this important issue. Our facility has professional staff ready to provide individualized care for dogs with overnight boarding services, daily day care and fun activities. We know that pets are an important part of your family, leading to questions about safety and health issues. Dogs staying at our facility must have several vaccinations before arriving, but we do not require DNA testing to enjoy our services.

Simple Test

Collecting a DNA sample on your pet is simple by ordering a kit online or buying one at a pet supply store. Each kit has everything a pet owner needs to understand how to collect a sample from inside a dog’s mouth. A sample is collected by gently scraping your pet’s facial cheek with a sanitary cotton swab. You then place the cotton swab inside a sterile container before shipping it to a laboratory. Testing on the sample is part of the kit’s price, and the analysis only requires a few weeks. A laboratory may place the results online for you to review or mail a detailed document to your home.

Genetic Origins

If you have always wondered about the specific breed of your dog, then a DNA test is the perfect way to find out. An owner may think they have a purebred dog and find out that it is actually a mixed breed instead. Alternatively, you might have a mixed breed dog but have no idea about its genetic origins. Understanding your dog’s genetics is helpful for being prepared for particular health conditions or behaviors. Several companies have DNA test kits for dogs at different prices. If you prefer, a veterinarian can perform a DNA test using a blood sample.