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Smart911 Gives Important Pet Data To Emergency Services

Your pets are completely dependent on you. They need you to feed and water them, provide them with exercise, and take care of them at all times. While you are usually up for the challenge, you might not be available during an emergency. Fortunately, Smart911 can help you make sure your pets are always protected, no matter what happens.

How it Works
You can create a Safety Profile for free with Smart911. You can add all of the members of your household, including your pets, into your Safety Profile. You can include names, pictures, and other details, along with medical information.
Once you create your Safety Profile, the system will send the information to the 911 operator if you call 911 for any reason. The operator will send the information to the first responders.
By putting your pet’s information in the Safety Profile, first responders will know if they need to rescue animals when they respond to fires and other emergencies. They will also know if they should expect a pet in the home when they come in to help you with an emergency.

What You Need to Know
Smart911 is not available in all areas so you can only use this service if you are in a service area. However, the company is constantly expanding so if you are not currently in a service area, you can still enter your profile data and then wait for it to start serving your area.
It’s also important to understand that you control the information in the profile, so if a pet dies or if you get a new pet, it is important that you update the information. Otherwise, the first responders will not have the information they need.
Smart911 makes it easier for pet owners to protect their pets. If your furry friends are a part of the family, create your Safety Profile today.