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We are excited to announce some big improvements to our play yard!   In early December, we will be installing K9 Grass artificial turf over a significant portion of our yard, as well as replacing some fencing. K9Grass by ForeverLawn is the first and only artificial grass designed specifically for dogs. With a completely new and unique design and construction, K9Grass is durable, drainable, cleanable, and safe for dogs. From the proprietary wide-bladed monofilament yarn with built-in antimicrobial protection, to the knitted design and our Flow-Through backing, K9Grass is the only true option for grass in high-traffic dog areas.  Learn more about K9 grass at

It can even be installed in your backyard!

Please note: From December 8 -11, due to the installation of these improvements to our yard space, we will not be able to conduct our normal 4 daily outside off-leash play sessions. If your dog is staying with us during this time, he or she will receive at least 4 individual on-leash potty walks in our parking lot, and a complimentary individual love session daily.   If possible, we will also provide limited indoor off-leash play, space permitting.   If the yard work schedule permits, we may be able to use our yard in the early evening for off-leash play groups, but we can’t guarantee this.  We appreciate your understanding while we upgrade our facility, and we invite your dog to come take a roll in our grass very soon!