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Summer Fun Before The Season Ends

Nothing says “summer” like playing catch with your pooch in the park, hamming it up under the hose spray and running along the beach together. If you live in a temperate or cooler climate in particular, you want to be sure you squeeze every ounce of summer goodness out of the season before the cold sets in again. With these tips you can keep enjoying summer’s fun all the way up until the last day of the summer season.

Tip #1: Host a splash party.
If your pup loves to play in the cool water in summer, he or she will probably enjoy it even more with a couple of friends. So go ahead and invite a couple of canine buddies and their parents over for an impromptu splash party!

Even if you don’t have a pool (or a friend with a pool who is willing to host you) you can just use a plastic kiddie pool or even a “hose obstacle course” to keep it cool and convivial for all.

Tip #2: Freeze your doggie treats.
Frozen popsicles are yummy. And they are a great way to cool down from summer’s heat, too! You can combine flavors you know your dog loves or look online for great recipes.

And remember, the tastes your dog will prefer (bacon and peanut butter with carrots) may not coincide with yours, so be sure to label each set of popsicles when you put them in to freeze!

Tip #3: Get out and explore nature together.
Even if the sun is intense, you can head to a local park or forest with lots of tree cover and enjoy hiking, running, playing and throwing a frisbee together. Also, if you go earlier in the morning or near sunset, it will be cooler.

With these three tips, you and your beloved pet will create summer memories to cherish!