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Take Your Dog With You To The Beach This Summer! Here Are The Top 3 Beaches Dog Friendly Beaches In Alameda

Taking your dog for nice long walks along the beach is great for both you and your four-legged friend. Dogs need plenty of exercise, and there’s no better place than the beach to take a dog adventure hike. A dog walk, of course, also gives you a chance to spend time outdoors and move around.

Some beaches are more dog friendly than others. Here are the best beaches for walking your dog in Alameda.

Alameda Small Dog Park
8th St.

This is a great little park where your dog can get some activity and socializing, but it does come with a few conditions. As the name suggests, it’s for small dogs only. There is a park for larger dogs nearby. It’s also not exactly on the beach, but close to it. This is a good place to stop during your dog walk if your small dog needs some extra exercise.

Robert W. Crown Memorial State Beach
8th St. & Otis Dr.

This beach has two dog parks, one for smaller dogs and one for larger dogs. This makes it a good destination for all dog owners. It’s also has many other amenities such as tennis courts and public bathrooms.

Crab Cove Visitor Center
1252 McKay Ave.

This is a great place to take a dog adventure hike, as it has lots of grounds and trails where you can walk with your dog. Dogs must be kept on leashes at all times. Dogs are not permitted on certain trails and beaches, so be sure to obey the regulations.

There Are Many Great Places to Walk Your Dog in Alameda

We’ve looked at three good places to bring your dog, but Alameda is full of public places where you can enjoy walking your dog. As you explore the area, you and your dog will find your own favorite spots.