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The Citizen Canine Difference

Pet owners today are seeking a wider variety of services for their animal companions. Dogs in particular need lots of attention, and busy people cannot always find the time to do everything themselves. Citizen Canine is an example of a new type of service that caters to dog owners who want more than what is offered by the typical kennel.

Here at the Oakland based Citizen Canine headquarters, we call ourselves a dog boarding hotel rather than a kennel. They keep dogs in spacious, comfortable rooms rather than in cages. This can be very reassuring for owners who must part with their dogs when traveling or working long hours.

Another key service offered by Citizen Canine is dog walking. Dogs need several walks per day, and not everyone is able to keep up with this schedule. To seek dog walkers in Oakland using bulletin boards or online classifieds could be risky, as you never really know who you might find. Citizen Canine is a place that you can trust to take your dog on healthy walks.

Citizen Canine does many things differently than most facilities that board animals. They have a high staff to dog ratio, so each dog gets plenty of attention. Dogs get to play in a roomy yard with K9Grass. They are even grouped together by breed, size and temperament to ensure that everyone gets along. This way dogs have fun while they get the exercise they need.

Modern life is hectic, and it’s not always possible to spend as much time with our dogs as we’d like. Citizen Canine provides a real solution for people who need help but aren’t willing to leave their dogs in just anybody’s care. People seeking experienced dog walkers in Oakland or a boarding situation that is more like a hotel than a kennel will appreciate the Citizen Canine difference.