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There’s A New Dog Flu? Be Careful Out There

Dog owners, kennels and veterinarians are having to be looking out for a new strain of canine flu that is made its way across the Mid West through Illinois, Ohio and Indiana, and is now being seen in Texas. Dubbed H3N2, this flu strain was formerly only seen in Asia. While there is no vaccine currently available for this flu, veterinarians are encouraging dog owners to get Fido a flu shot anyway. The vaccination won’t prevent the new strain of flu, but may bolster the immune system to weaken the symptoms.

Also dogs who get another preventable strain of the flu may have their immune systems weakened and not be able to fight off this new strain as effectively. According to an article in Dogster Magazine, this flu has already sickened more than 1,300 dogs and killed six. Vets expect the flu to continue to spread as humans and their infected canines travel. People cannot get this flu. However people can be carriers, unintentionally sickening their pets and other dogs with infected saliva.