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Thinking of Having Your Dog Take the Good Citizen Canine Test? Check Out Our Tips on How to Pass

Do your friends avoiding visiting you because they are tired of being asked to dance with your dog when he puts his paws on their shoulders? Does your dog jump up and down repeatedly because she just can’t wait for her food bowl to be put down?

Obviously, dogs are not born with good manners but they can be taught. Conveniently located near Oakland International Airport at 420 Hegenberger Road, our facility is modern, clean and healthy. Citizen Canine, called by the San Francisco Examiner “The Bay Area’s first five-star kennel”, uses only praise and gentle, positive reinforcement techniques to teach your dog the manners he needs to be a good citizen.

An Oakland favorite for 10 years, Citizen Canine offers:

  •   High staff-to-dog ratios, staffed 24/7
  •   Play groups based on size, age and temperament
  •   Day care with grooming available
  •   Dog Adventure Hikes
  •   Luxury private suites for the recommended 17 hours of rest and relaxation
  •   Physical exercise, mental stimulation, and a healthy diet
  •   All-inclusive rates
  •   Feeding, medications and four standard outings each day

Do you realize that your dog might enjoy a vacation as much as you do? If you have an athletic and adventurous dog, our Behavior & Training specialists scout 90-minute courses for our unique Dog Adventure Hikes. These courses are chosen because they offer a variety of terrains that provide unique multi-sensory experience. Our Dog Adventure Hikes staff is specially trained and experienced in pet CPR and experienced in off-leash hiking and pack management.

Whether you need a kennel for a weekend, help in training your dog, or a Dog Adventure Hike treat for your dog, phone Citizen Canine at 510-562-1750.

Check out our website at for the full story about our unique dog-centered business. Our space is limited, so apply for space well in advance.