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Three Common Grooming Mistakes

Citizen Canine is a dog daycare in San Francisco, CA. We offer many services apart from boarding, including a bath after each stay. Most breeds require grooming, especially if they have long hair.

Unfortunately, many pet owners do not know how to properly groom their dog. Owners who do not take the time to learn, or who are impatient with their animals, may cause more harm than good. So, if you are looking for more than a dog daycare in San Francisco, CA give us a call.

Groom Year Round

During colder months many owners do not groom their animals because they think the extra hair will protect them from the cold. Other owners are afraid their pet will get too cold during the grooming process. Sadly, the longer hair does not benefit the dog very much. The extra hair does very little to protect the animal during the winter, and if the pet collects too many mats their hair will need to be cut extremely short during the Spring, which is uncomfortable for the dog.

Brush After Bathing

Wet hair will lead to mats, which are tangles of hair that form in thick bunches. After a bath, or if your dog goes and plays in the sprinkler, dry him or her off with a towel followed by a quick comb. The brush will straighten any potential mats and prevent further trimming.

Grooming Is A Game

Like anything else you do with your dog, grooming requires training. Your dog may not respond well to grooming if it is not an activity done consistently, so start early with your puppy and continue to groom the animal every few weeks. While grooming, make sure you teach your dog appropriate habits and try to make the process enjoyable, just like you would with any fun activity that you do together.