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Three Dog Parenting Rules You Can Break

Parenting advice has changed over the years. The way parents raise their kids today is vastly different from how parents did it in the past. But guess what? The same is true for “pet parents” and their lovable cats and dogs. For example, there are a lot more rules for dogs these days than there were just 20 years ago.

If you are tired of all the rules, here are three you can break without afflicting dire consequences on your beloved pooch:

1. Don’t Shout at Fido

Today’s dog trainer will tell you not to shout at Fido. Instead, you should issue commands in a firm tone and at a normal volume. This is more about not wasting your breath that it is about damaging your dog. In reality, there are some dogs that require loud noises to distract them from bad behavior they are potentially about to engage in. There are times when a properly placed shout is what it takes to get control.

2. Don’t Feed Fido from the Table

We are not supposed to feed our dogs people food from the table. It’s not that people food is necessarily bad, it’s that people tend to lack moderation. This can lead to obesity and other health problems related to food that is not necessarily good for your dog. If you know what kinds of foods are good and bad, and are capable of practicing restraint, you can feed your dog from the table without harm.

3. Only Use Vet Approved Flea Treatments

Dog owners are not supposed to use flea treatments not approved by veterinarians. Yet it turns out that veterinarian medicine is no more perfect than human medicine. There are plenty of natural flea treatments that are just as effective as an off-the-shelf flea collar or medication. Use whatever works to keep your dog free of fleas.