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Three Dog Poop Rules

Pooping is something your dog will do on a daily basis. Like most people, I’m sure you hate stepping in pet waste. Besides poop being a nuisance, it also has harmful pathogens that can cause illness. It is never okay to leave poop outside. Every pet owner should follow these three dog poop rules.

Poop Bags
Never leave the house without a poop bag. You already know your dog is going to poop while sniffing trees, so you should have your pooper scooper and pet waste bag ready. In some areas, you can be fined for not picking up your dog’s waste.

Keep Parks and Forests Clean
Are you planning on taking a trip to the park or forest? While you are less likely to run into other people walking through the park or forest, you still need to pick up after your dog. Hikers and joggers hate seeing piles of dog poop in the grass, and they regularly complain to city officials about the problem. Some parks even have signs warning of fines for not cleaning up after your dog. Cleaning up after your dog can help your city stay pet friendly.

Toss or Flush
There are varying opinions on the best way to dispose of dog poop. Using dog poop as a compost in a garden will destroy your flowers. Some pet owners flush the poop down the toilet, and other dog owners throw it in the trash. Flushing or tossing are both appropriate ways to dispose of dog waste.

If you cannot bring yourself to clean up after your dog, hire a professional to do it. There are people who will happily scoop up and dispose of your dog’s waste. Give a time and place, and a professional cleaner will be waiting with a pooper scooper and bag.