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Three Reasons To Love Positive Dog Training

Every dog owner knows that a comfortable pet is a happy four-footed friend. One crucial aspect to ensuring maximum comfort in any situation for your dog is to train them. While there are many schools of thought on the best way to train your pet, one of the most beneficial is known as positive training. At Citizen Canine, among the many services and amenities we offer both you and your pets, is assistance in positive training. That way, no matter where you and your dog go, you’ll be able to go with confidence.

Dogs on Vacation

It’s important to feel you’re leaving your pet with responsible and nurturing individuals. We offer a full range of engaging activities, including adventure hikes, play activities, socializing time, and private rest areas for a little relaxation. Another vital service we offer is dog day training in Oakland. That way, you’ll always be sure to see a smiling face and a wagging tail waiting for you at the end of the day.

Three Great Thoughts on Positive Training

First, positive reinforcement training focuses on rewarding your pup for a desired act. It takes the terror out of training because it’s all about the treats and the praise your dog earns for behaving in the way that makes everyone happy. Unlike some other forms of training, you aren’t forcing submission, you’re encouraging cooperation and social behavior.

This allows you and your pet to work as a team, and helps you to bond more closely with your favorite friend. When you leave your furry friend in our care for dog day training in Oakland, you’re helping to build the trust of your pet. That will further increase their confidence and ease, no matter where life takes you. A neurotic, insecure dog is having no fun, and can’t go with you anywhere.

Positive training at Citizen Canine is just one of the many benefits to joining the fun we have. At the end of the day, your friend will be happy and relaxed, as well as excited to see you. They’ll play with other pups and with people who genuinely care about their well-being. It’s the next best thing to spending time with you.