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Tips For Selecting A Doggie Daycare

Get more work done at the office when you know your dog is in good hands. Instead of chewing on shoes at home, Rover can spend the day making new friends and being active. Doggie daycare allows pets to receive care during the day and keeps you from worrying about your best friends. Selecting a doggie daycare in Oakland is easy when you keep these tips in mind.

A high quality doggie daycare will be upfront from the moment you speak with a representative. A friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer questions and offer you a tour of the facility. The space should be clean, have plenty of water bowls and there should be enough room for all the dogs. Make sure enough staff are available to handle the dogs and that they have been well-trained.

Find out what activities your dog will engage in during the day. Your dog lays around at home all day without any stimulation when left alone, but this should not happen at a daycare. The best doggie daycares in Oakland will provide opportunities for dogs to venture outside, go on walks and socialize with the other animals. This lets your dog get exercise and attention while you are busy.

Keep in mind any special circumstances that apply to your pet. If your dog does not get along with others, has dietary restrictions or gets nervous easily, then it is important to let the staff know these concerns in advance. Make sure the facility can accommodate any special needs. Dogs are not the only ones who get anxious, and some daycares can help an owner feel more at ease. A daycare may have cameras and allow you to check up on your pooch during the day.

When selecting a doggie daycare in Oakland, search for a qualified staff, appropriate activities and a place that will suit your dog.