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Top 5 Dog Park Safety Tips

Enjoying some time at the dog park is a perfect way to spend quality time with your best friend. We know because our teams at Citizen Canine oversee playtime at our dog daycare in Oakland all year round. Here are five tips we’d like to share to make sure that the outing stays safe and fun for you both.

1. Make sure he’s rested. Your best friend will be ready to go after a good nap, so time your outing to take advantage of that natural energy surge. Pack along a water bottle designed just for him, and make sure he stays well hydrated.

2. Leave the frisbee at home. Toys can turn into a tugging match between two dogs at the park. You’ll both have a better time without the distraction of toys and balls flying through the air. Save retrieving games for the backyard.

3. Take a look around. Keep an eye out for dogs that might be too large or small to make good playmates, and watch out for children too. Playtime can get rough, and size counts, so head off any unmatched encounters.

4. Learn to spot aggression. Bared teeth, flattened ears and a stiff tail are signs that a dog feels threatened. Stand firm between your pal and the aggressor, and use your voice to ward off trouble. However, don’t try to break up a fight.

5. Do your part. A well-behaved dog is easy to control in any situation, so invest in professional training classes. Be sure to keep his vaccinations up to date too.

With a little advanced planning, it’s easy to lap up quality park time. Contact us here Citizen Canine for more thoughts on showing your best friend a great time. We come up with creative, caring ideas all the time at our dog daycare in Oakland, and we’re always happy to share.