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Top Dog Daycare in Oakland

It certainly shows how far we have come as a community when you see that Oakland dogs that were once subjected to confinement and boredom, either inside a house or an apartment, cooped up in a boring dog run outside, or unfortunately, worse still, now have the option of dog day care.

Dogs are social creatures, in fact, we humans could learn much from them in that regard. Many dog owners have experienced the positive effects dog day care in Oakland has provided, to the extent that they ask themselves why they had ever considered anything else. These effects are so noticeable that some people who have other good options use dog day care on at least some occasions.

The one possible downside for some people comes when they go to retrieve their precious pet, and while they are immediately greeted with enthusiasm, many dogs will give them that look that seems to say, “Is it okay if I stay here a while longer?”

When that happens, try not to take it too personally! It is just a clear signal that your decision to use dog day care in Oakland was a good one and that your dog is in a facility that is focused on its care and well-being.

If you decide to explore this route for your dog, here are a few signs to assist you in making an informed decision.

Staff-to-dog ratio. This gives you the reassurance of knowing that your dog is not left to fend completely for itself all day.
Pre-enrollment meeting. This is absolutely essential before committing to anything, for you, your dog, the staff of the facility and the other dogs and their owners.
Breed, size and temperament specific groups. Higher energy dogs can be stressful to those that prefer a laid-back lifestyle.