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Travelling For The Holidays? Here Are A Few Important Tips For Travelling With Your Pet

While many people will put their dog in a dog daycare in Oakland or a dog hotel, some will be traveling with their furry friend for the holidays. If you are traveling away from Oakland and elect to take your dog with you, simply follow a few basic tips to make the trip stress-free for both of you.

Prepare Him for the Crate

If your dog is used to a crate, then you are set. However, if you need to crate him for a trip, you will have to get him used to it first. Treat the crate like a good thing and your dog will be more accepting. Open the door and let him go in by himself. Shut the door after he has relaxed then walk away. Come back in fifteen minutes and talk to him in a positive voice. Open the crate and let him come out on his own.

Get His Bag Ready

If you’ve ever had your dog attend a dog daycare in Oakland, you know that he needs a bag of essentials. Pack this same bag for travel. The bag should contain a first aid kit, bowl and water, current photo, vaccination records, wet wipes, clean up bags, extra leashes, paper towels, sweaters, tweezers for ticks and a flashlight.

Driving With the Dog

If you are driving with your dog, make sure you harness or crate him. do not feed him before the trip because all dogs tend to get car sick. Keep him in the back of the car to keep you both safe. You also do not want the dog to become a projectile in the case of an accident.

Flying With the Dog

Call the airport for their requirements for moving animals. Crate your dog before getting to the airport and keep him in the crate. If possible, do not allow him to travel on a full stomach or bladder. Avoid tranquilizing your dog. Stay calm and do not have a goodbye scene with the dog. This will only upset him.