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Treat Your Dog To Day-Camp Adventure In The Bay Area!

While a short walk around a few blocks is enough exercise for most people, it is rarely enough of a workout for most dogs. Dog walkers in Oakland can give their canine friends the best gift ever, by sending their pooch on an adventure-packed outing to roam and hike in a safe area. At Citizen Canine, your pooch is nurtured and treated as a guest by a staff who really know and love dogs.

However, when dog walkers in Oakland are out-and-about, these are the commonly accepted guidelines to follow:

  • Keep your four-legged pal on a leash. If everyone would adhere to this rule. Most dogs, when stressed, have the potential to act differently than we expect at times, even if it is a rare occurrence.
  • Do not assume that other dogs and their owners want to meet-and-greet you and your Fido. Today, the rule of thumb is to politely ignore the other walkers unless they try to make contact. Then, it is your choice whether to stop for a meet-and-greet moment.
  • Always carry plastic bags and clean up after your dog. Carrying the bags in your purse or pocket, but not using them does not count. Think of it as a joy to be a responsible member of the dog walkers in Oakland community, by bagging and disposing of your dogs waste in an appropriate receptacle.
  • Be respectful of others property and personal space. For example, if you take your pooch along when you eat at a sidewalk cafe, sit near the edge and let your dog relax on the outer side of your table. Not everyone is fond of dogs underfoot, or even nearby, when they are eating.

Furthermore, when you need loving doggie day care or overnight pet boarding, look no farther than Citizen Canine has skilled staff on duty 24/7, so your pet is never left alone. Find out why the San Francisco Chronicle named Citizen Canine the first five-star kennel in the Bay area.