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Treating Dogs Like Family Members

Sometimes no matter how matter how much we research dog breeds ahead of time, the final decision to welcome a particular dog into our home comes from simply feeling that we found the perfect companion. Dogs can help people make friends, get more exercise and even just relax. The close bonds that owners share with their dogs makes these pets true family members.

Caring properly for a dog includes ensuring that it gets enough exercise and attention. Busy pet owners often get outside help in meeting this demand, and choosing a reputable organization to care for your best friend while you are away will give you valuable peace of mind. OneĀ  dog walker and daycare provider is Citizen Canine ( The staff at Citizen Canine understand that your dog is an important part of your family and aim to meet the particular needs of each dog. They offer daycare for dogs who need extra attention while their owners are gone all day and overnight boarding for dogs whose owners are out of town.

While many facilities offer boarding, we take an extra steps toward ensuring that your dog truly enjoys his stay. They organize adventure hikes in which a staff member takes a small group of dogs through the nearby parks for at least 90 minutes. These hikes provide more mental stimulation and physical challenges than a standard Berkeley dog walker can offer.

As dog owners themselves, the staff understands the value and individual needs of your dog. Ultimately, investing more effort in your dog’s well-being will result in a more fulfilling relationship between you and your best friend.