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Upcoming Dog Walk Meetups in Oakland

Dogs are naturally social animals. As long as they are dog-friendly, they crave the mental and social stimulation that comes with meeting other friendly dogs for play dates. It is important to get out with your dog, but it can be a little daunting at times to take your dog for a walk or to a dog park where you risk encountering an aggressive dog. A great way to avoid potentially aggressive animals on dog walks in Oakland, is to take your beloved pet to dog walk meetup groups. There are many upcoming dog walk meetups in Oakland.

There are many different types of dog groups available in the Oakland area. You can find any group to fit your interests and your dogs personality. The dog groups are a wonderful opportunity for you to socialize too. If you have an energetic dog, then join a group that focuses on active outdoor activities like hiking, canoeing, biking and swimming. If you have a laid-back dog, then join a group that meets at dog-friendly restaurants, wineries and boat cruises. There are also groups that simply like to get together to go on dog walks in Oakland.

When you are not taking your furry friend on dog walks in Oakland, but you don’t want to leave them at home alone, the best thing to do is to find a reputable sanctuary for your dog like Citizen Canine. At you’ll find caregivers for your dog with extensive education and training in dog behavior and care. They offer luxury doggy day care, overnight boarding and adventure hiking. Their adventure hiking program is the ultimate dog walk meetup. Your dog will get to spend their time with other friendly dogs, walking off-leash with an experienced trainer through the beautiful rolling hills of San Francisco.