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Upcoming Dog Walk Meetups in San Francisco

The bond that pet owners have with their dogs is unlike any other bond between man and animal. There is a love, trust, loyalty, and mutual understanding that exists between a dog owner and their pet. For this reason, dog owners are keenly interested in seeing to it that their animals are well cared for, especially when they cannot be around to care for their animal themselves because they are away from home or because they are traveling. Many discerning pet owners looking for a dog day care in Oakland have chosen to trust Citizen Canine with the care of their dog while they are away.

Citizen Canine is designed to provide dogs with the attention, care, and exercise that they need while their owners are away. Dogs are extremely social animals. They build a strong bond with their owners and with their owners family. It is the sense of unity with the family that makes most dogs feel confident. When their owners are away, a dog may feel anxious, they may feel stressed, and they may feel confused. The best way to combat those feelings is to make sure that when dogs are away from their owners, they are in an environment that re-creates the closeness that they feel when they are at home.

To one degree or another, every single breed of dog needs exercise. Obviously, some breeds of dogs require more exercise than others. Understanding this, here at Citizen Canine we work to provide our canine guests with a wide variety of exciting exercises to do. These include off leash hikes where our doggie guests can run through grassy hills and explore the forest off leash. Of course, all of this is done in a safe and protected environment.

A dogs health is closely linked to their diet. The high-quality food they receive will mean they will be healthy and they will be happy. For this reason, all of the canine guest that stay at our dog day care in Oakland are provided with a diet that is specially tailored to their needs.