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A Vacation For Your Pooch…And Peace Of Mind For You

The phrase “my dog is not a pet, it’s family” is nothing new among us dog lovers. Oftentimes, pets are one of the reasons we look forward to getting home after work. After all, they give us their undivided attention…except when food is at stake. But that is just a short time anyway right? Yet, sometimes our canines forget who pays the rent…or just the fact that we have to pay it.

When you live in a city like Oakland, California, the sky is the limit when it comes to entertainment and enrichment activities. Still, living in a city, or just about anywhere these days, almost guarantees a long day of work. The conundrum becomes whether you can leave your dog alone during this time. You may decide you would feel more comfortable if your dog spent the day accompanied.

Whatever the reason for needing care, whether to make it through a day that will help pay the rent or just one of resting from this task, dog lovers are bound to look for a place where their best friend can feel at ease, just like parents look for the best day care for their little ones. Whether for a little or a long while, overnight or just for the day, Citizen Canine will be happy to help.

By combining playtime and rest time, the trained staff will make sure your canine has a healthily busy day before you pick him/her up. Activities programmed with dogs of same size, age, and temperament will ensure the best social experience for your pet. If boarding, the twenty four hour staff will make sure your pet is tucked in and safe all night.

The many options available in this establishment will surely please your pet while ensuring peace of mind for you. Your dog may have so much fun he or she may not want to leave!