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Want a Lap Dog? Check Out the Maltese

Lap dogs can be perfect companions for many, as their small stature and easygoing attitude make them ideally suited to lounge the day away with their owners. If you’re considering adding a laptop to your family, look no further than the Maltese. Their happy disposition and eagerness to please mean they respond well to dog training, and their loveable personality makes them a loyal companion.

The Maltese is a member of the toy group of dogs. They typically weigh between eight to ten pounds and have small, compact bodies. Their height usually equals their length in size. With their black button nose and inquisitive brown eyes existing in stark contrast against their bright white, silky coats, Maltese have a distinctive and adorable look.

Maltese are popular breeds in large part because they do not shed if cared for properly, a plus for allergy sufferers. Their hair can be kept long, hanging down straight to the ground, or cut into a “puppy cut” where all of the hair is cut to under an inch long. They should be professionally groomed every two months to prevent their coat from matting.

When it comes to temperament, members of the Maltese breed are playful and lively, even during their senior years. They are companion dogs who crazy about people and like to stick near their owners at all times, although sometimes this can lead to separation anxiety. Maltese can thrive in small spaces, so they are perfectly suited for urban settings and apartment living.

Because Maltese are so people-oriented, they are well-suited for dog training. When it comes to dog training for the Maltese, owners will be successful using positive reinforcement such as playtime, food and praise. If you’re thinking about adding a new addition to your family, the Maltese might just be the perfect fit.