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Want To Board Your Dog Overnight At Citizen Canine? Keep These Important Tips In Mind!

At Citizen Canine, we know that as much as we love our dogs, we cant always take them with us. If you are traveling and cant bring your furry friend along, we offer caring, professional dog boarding in the Oakland area. When you cant be there, we care for your dog with as much love as you would!

If this is your first time boarding with Citizen Canine, you and your dog might both be nervous, but we are here to help make this experience relaxing and fun. Here are a few tips to make your first visit a success.

First, prepare your dog to come to Citizen Canine. Gather your vet records, and make sure your pet is up to date on vaccinations. We require that all dogs who board at Citizen Cane have current DHPP, rabies, and bordatella. Bordatella should be administered at least seven days before your dog comes to board, so plan ahead! This may also be good time to get your pet on flea medication and a heartworm preventative.

Next, schedule an evaluation for your pet. In order to protect everyone who comes to play at Citizen Canine, we evaluate all of the dogs to assess their needs, sociability and energy level. This helps us group your pet appropriately and make the stay here as enjoyable as it can be. Some dogs dont as well into the the open environment here ate Citizen Canine, but dont worry. If your pup would be happier somewhere else, we will try to point you in the right direction.

When it comes time to drop your dog off, relax. We understand that saying goodbye can be hard, but your dog will take cues from you, so staying calm and positive as you leave will set the right tone. You can rest easy knowing youve chosen the best dog boarding in Oakland at Citizen Canine!