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Want Your Dog To Learn Advanced Tricks? Try Our Custom Training Sessions

With 10 years of experience, Citizen Canine offers services for the dog owner who wants nothing but the best for his four legged friend and family member. The facility provides dogs with high quality services such as daycare and overnight boarding in premium suites. The dedicated, well-trained staff at Citizen Canine strives to create an environment that makes dogs feel as if they are on a vacation with other furry friends.

While daily daycare clients enjoy time throughout the day with people and other dogs, dog owners can arrange to have their pet participate in 15-minute specialized one-on-one training sessions. Training sessions may be ideal for sensitive dogs and those which may require extra mental stimulation. Citizen Canine also offers top notch dog walking services pet owners are certain to enjoy.

Sessions include Love Supreme in which dogs receive extra human affection and treats, Tellington Touch Massage, or T-Touch, which helps to soothe dogs with separation anxiety and can be beneficial for dogs with arthritic joints, and extra playtime in the form of a private play session with a staff member or extra time in a group setting.

Pet owners who wish to teach their dogs advanced tricks may do so through sessions in which dogs are taught skills such as waving hello, leaving an object, and body part targeting. Other tricks dogs owners may elect to have their pets learn include Swirl, Roll Over, Play Dead, Take a Bow, and Shake. Dogs may also learn agility skills such as weaving, jumping through a hoop, jumping over a bar, navigating a tunnel, and Pause Box. Dogs may enroll in up to two sessions per day.

Citizen Canine is offers a range of services for the discerning dog owner. From customized training sessions to boarding and dog walking, east bay pet owners are certain to find a specialty service their dog will enjoy.