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What Are Adventure Hikes, and How Can They Help My Dog?

Everyone needs a little bit of adventure, and dogs are no exception to the rule, especially when they’re spending some time at this place of Citizen Canine has to offer. Instead of just going out for a walk, we take dogs in our car on adventure hikes. A journey into the East Bay Regional Park provides dogs with 90 minutes of fresh air and fun. The men and women who lead these groups are known as hike leaders, and they have been members of our staff for a long time. They’ve proven that they are dedicated to dogs, and they’re all certified in Pet First Aid & CPR.

These adventure hikes are perfect for your dog because they provide exercise and natural air. When dogs spend too much time cooped up at home, they might become bored and start acting out; exercise is necessary for them to function as healthy members of the canine society. On the ride to the park, the dogs are secured in clean and comfortable crates, and they receive plenty of air. Your dog can be picked up for the journey, or you can drop the dog off early in the morning. Be sure to check dates and times as we are expecting to add more adventure hikes soon.

Dogs also have the opportunity to socialize with their peers when they go on an adventure hike. No longer do they have to wonder what it would be like to have a canine friend; now they get to experience it for themselves. As a result of all this socialization, your dog does need to be good with other dogs and humans in order to go on the adventure hike. Please contact us to find out about other requirements, so you can ensure that your dog is ready for all of the adventures he or she will get to experience.