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What Can I Expect For My Dog While Staying Overnight At Citizen Canine?

As you plan your family trips and vacations, what is one of the first concerns you have? No doubt you are likely thinking about the safety of your home or the care of your pets while you will be away. Those are natural thoughts as we do want our things and our pets to be looked after. A few good neighbors can help with the house, and great overnight dog boarding can solve the pet worries. Next, you may be wondering what makes a boarding kennel a good match for your beloved family dog.

First, you may want to tour the facility much like you would do with a new school for your child. After all, your dog is a valuable member of the family too. As you tour shops that offer overnight dog boarding look around to see that the center is cared for, the pet guests are happy and that the staff is well trained. Don’t be afraid to ask about all the services that are offered. Does the kennel offer deluxe private rooms instead of cages? What about customized sessions? Some owners desire these extra nurturing sessions that offer more personal play time, skills training, snuggles and even massages.

What about doggie socialization? Make sure the kennel has a good play philosophy. Does the staff offer appropriate interaction between similar sized dogs with like temperaments and ages? Find out if staff will take your dog out for basic potty walks, as well as fun adventures like going hiking or to the park. Be certain the center promotes a good balance between physical and mental exercise, as well as healthy food. Write extra notes about your dogs personality and preferences which will be helpful for kennel staff. These steps will help ensure that your dog enjoys his new friends and activities and that his overnight dog boarding adventure will be a positive one.