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What It’s Like To Overnight Board Your Dog At Citizen Canine

When you’re planning on heading out of town or leaving for an overnight getaway, it can be difficult to leave your K-9 or pooch alone on an empty property that can become lonely. For many dogs, this can lead to anxiety and stress due to being isolated for an extended period of time without their family. Instead of worrying about your pet, Citizen Canine makes it easy to keep your dog in good company with dog boarding in Oakland available in an active and comfortable environment.

With dog boarding in Oakland, pets can enjoy lounging in climate-controlled rooms that offer raised beds and noise-minimizing walls. Their schedules stay busy with playtime, rest, and healthy meals for a secure environment that allows each pet to flourish. An overnight staff is also available on-site for possible emergencies.

Canines can also run free and roam over 6,000 square feet of an outdoor environment that promotes playtime with a variety of toys, tunnels, slides, and pools.

Dog owners can have peace of mind knowing that their pet is well cared for with the company of a professional staff who are dog lovers themselves and have experience working with animals. They’ll enjoy playing ball on the grass with your pet, as well as ensure that they get a restful night’s sleep while away from their owners.

Instead of keeping your pooch outdoors with a bowl of food and water, they’ll enjoy the busy environment of Citizen Canine with a healthy balance of both play and rest for plenty of stimulation. They can be at peace in a clean environment for a professional pet hotel that even features in-room massages and healthy dog treats throughout the stay.

Instead of finding it a challenge to leave your pooch alone, your biggest hurdle will now be trying to get them to come home after enjoying the services with dog boarding in Oakland.