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Which state loves their dogs the most?

One in three households in America owns a dog or dogs. It seems the majority are dog people vs. cat people, because dogs have a more outgoing, compassion kind of personality. Dogs are man’s best friend after all, so when you find a dog with a personality that meshes well with yours, they become family. Around 70% of people buy their dog a gift at least once a month and around 68% let their dog share the bed with them at night. That’s love.

So, what state is known for loving their dogs the most? Good ole California! Being one of the largest states and a great environment for dogs to thrive, it is no surprise that California takes the lead for the most dog lovers.

There are a lot of ways for people to show their dogs love. One of the best ways is to take them to dog daycare. Dog daycares are becoming more and more popular as the number of dog lovers continues to grow. Dog daycares are especially popular in California considering there are a lot of glamorous people living there, it makes sense for the dogs to be living a glamorous life as well.

Dog daycares provide the socialization and exercise your dog would otherwise miss while you were away for the day running errands, working or travelling. Dog daycares provide lush green grass to roam, trails for adventures hikes, overnight boarding trained, animal-loving staff members and more.

Every breed of dog needs at least one walk per day. It promotes good health, gets their energy out, teaches them how to walk on a leash and teaches them how to abide by the rules in general. Best of all, when dogs are properly exercised, they tend to behave better and your shoes may actually have a chance of not getting chewed to pieces.

It’s important to find a reliable dog daycare that you feel comfortable leaving your dog with, they are practically your child after all. Never leave your dog with someone you wouldn’t leave your child with.