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Why Doggie Daycare At Citizen Canine Is Awesome!

Citizen Canine offers all of your dog’s day care needs. This includes day visits, overnight stays, training, and walks from trained professional dog walkers in Oakland. The facilities are staffed 24 hours a day every day of the week, and all staff members strive to provide your dog a clean and safe environment. The well-being of your pet is always top on their priority list, allowing dog owners to rest assured their best friend is happy and well taken care of.

Dogs staying at Citizen Canine for day care will have the benefit of playgroups suited to their own personal traits. During an initial consultation dogs are assessed according to their size, age, and activity level. This tells the staff which group is most appropriate for your pet. This gives older dogs the chance to rest outdoors without puppies bothering them. Younger ones can burn off energy with equally active dogs, under experienced trainer’s supervision. They will help guide these younger dogs towards proper behavior. Eight to ten dogs are in each group that is chaperoned by Citizen Canine’s highly trained staff members. Their dog to staff ratio is the highest in the Bay Area.

The Adventure Hikes offered by Citizen Canine are not your typical strolls with dog walkers in Oakland. These 90 minute adventures are with trained staff at the East Bay Regional Parks. Dogs will go in groups of up to six. They are transported in the Adventure Waggin. Each dog rides in a clean and secure crate with resting mats. Pets can be picked up at home or taken during their day care visit. The staff that oversees Adventure Hikes has to show excellence in dog care, training, and reading a dog’s body language. These highly trained dog walkers in Oakland are certified in CPR and First Aid for pets.