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Why Leash Laws Are Important

If you own a dog, you may feel like your beloved canine companion should not be governed by leash laws. However, these provide a valuable level of safety for the animal, and others. You are certain to see the necessity once you consider these potential hazards that come about when you allow your dog to roam around leash-free:

* Your canine may enter a road, and get hit by an oncoming vehicle.
* He may get excited and jump on someone incapable of withstanding it. Examples include elderly, children and the disabled. Not only may your dog harm the person, it opens you to potential legal action.
* Your dog may stalk or harm local wildlife, risking harm to a species that is possibly endangered or one that is ill.
* Your dog risks encountering other dogs, some of whom might respond aggressively. Your dog could be harmed, or even worse, require euthanasia.
* It is possible that the canine eats something harmful, or even fatal.
* A disgruntled citizen may shoot your off-leash pet.

Any one of these occurrences may lead to expenses and heartache that could be avoided by keeping your pet on a leash. Of course, your beloved animal does need time for activity that provides physical and mental stimulation. The following options can give you and your dog the chance to feel better:

* If your dog is not aggressive, a trip to a fenced park specifically for dogs may provide you both with the opportunity to enjoy time out leash-free.
* Hire a trainer to assist you with non-aggressive methods to leash train your dog.
* Take your dog with you while you are jogging. You will both benefit from the exercise.
* Go out for walks where your dog can focus on sniffing their environment. Canines love to smell, and this allows them to fulfill that need.

Leash laws protect everyone so, use these activities to provide needed stimulation.