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Why Should I Board My Dog with Citizen Canine?

Dogs are not only man’s best friend, but also members of our families. When we are gone to work or school or on vacation over the holidays, it becomes necessary to find other accommodations for our four-legged family members. When folks need the best dog boarding in Oakland, they often turn to the caring staff of Citizen Canine.

Offering doggie day care and overnight boarding in deluxe suites, Citizen Canine understands the emotional and physical needs of dogs and seeks to give them everything they need. Dogs lucky enough to be staying at Citizen Canine have the opportunity to play with other residents in large outdoor yards under the supervision of staff, ensuring a safe and fun environment for everyone.

In addition to overnight boarding and day care, Citizen Canine also offers Dog Adventure Hikes for those canines with a desire to explore the great outdoors of the Bay Area. With over 90 minutes to exercise and explore, dogs will think they are in Shangri-La when on these hikes. Transported in secure crates inside a custom-designed Adventure Van, dogs big and small, young and old will enjoy a relaxing ride through the countryside while staying comfortable in a climate-controlled vehicle.

While staying at Citizen Canine, your four-legged children will be fed their regular food while also enjoying their favorite chew toys and hanging out with their friends. The facility has a high staff-to-dog ratio, meaning they will be matched up with 8-10 playmates with similar personalities on all outings and playtimes. Owners with multiple dogs can have them stay together while being boarded, keeping them calmer and in a more normal routine. With nap times, kiddie pools and more, Citizen Canine has taken dog boarding in Oakland to a whole new level. Owners who drop off their dogs may decide to start wagging their tails and barking themselves in hopes of enjoying some much-needed relaxation.